This week has been a strange week. I was feeling all optimistic that the New Year would be full of loveliness. Cliche I know, but 2018 was so rubbish, 2019 has to be a bit better. I had a really nice New Years Eve with my friends Andy and Pete and their friends and family. It was nice to see the New Year in with a glass of red wine and some fresh out of the oven, spring rolls. I rang my Dad at midnight in a drunken daze, I just remember him laughing at me. Goodness knows why?!

New Year’s Day came and my Mum got a panicked call from my Nana saying the cat, Tallulah was missing. We searched all evening and the next day I went door to door passing out posters of our little love. A lady caught my attention and said she’d found her in her garden. She had been killed in her kids football net. Poor little thing. I was really upset and luckily this lady gave me a hug to calm me down. I took Tallulah home in a box and told my Nana, Grandad and Mum the sad news. Tallulah was a character from the day I found her. She was originally from Cyprus, I found her at the Turtle Project base when I was working there. My Mum took her in because she was living over in Cyprus at the time. Since then, the tiny, flea ridden kitten grew to be a gorgeous, sassy companion. She kept my Mum company over in Cyprus and then when we flew her back to the UK she gave her love to my Nana. We’re so sad our moody but loving cat has gone, I’ve never known any animal quite like her.

So as you can imagine, it wasn’t a great start to the new year. A nice distraction was having my friend Tom visit for the day. I took him on a couple of my favourite walks and showed him a tour of Amie’s life! We went to Etherow Country Park and it was nice to see 7 cormorants as well as 5 tufted duck! I also got quite close to a couple of eager pigeons which put a smile on my face.

This weekend my Nana decided she needed another cat because the house was too quiet for her and grandad without one. We chose Lilly from a local sanctuary. She’s settling in fine, even if I have got a few scratches. I think I pushed my luck when I tried to tickle her tummy!

I’ve just been on a drizzle filled walk with my Dad to once again feed the ducks. We came across some really weird geese hybrids. Pretty sure they’d been crossed with a turkey. The tufted ducks were still there and the cormorants too. Nice to see as always.

After a dramatic week I’m looking forward to life calming down again. The Christmas and New Year period really turns everything upside down. I want to just crack on with work now and feel the inspiration of the new times ahead.

That’s all for now.


Farewell to 2018

Since my last post it has been Christmas and is now nearly the new year. Christmas went by quickly this year but there were lots of lovely moments. On Christmas Eve, Molly, Mum and I went on a walk in the Goyt Valley. We went early so the grass was covered in frost and there was a chill in the air. It was nice though, the sun was shining so our cheeks soon got warm. Within the first few minutes we saw a Red grouse poke it’s head up above the heather. We had an idea it might have been Father Christmas in disguise! After the walk we stopped off at the Bake House in Whaley Bridge for a warm sausage sandwich and hot chocolate. I made my way to Dads after that. We wrapped up and headed out on another walk. This time we went to Etherow Park and enjoyed feeding the birds. It was especially fun watching the Black-headed gulls catch the food mid air. We also saw a diving cormorant and 2 sunning themselves high up in a tree. I really enjoyed it. Christmas Eve evening I made Paella for the family and we played some games.

Christmas Day was a little different this year. It was a strange day without having my Grandma there. She would have set the table all festive and made sure everyone took time to come and see it. We decided to have dinner at home this year and so Grandpa came to us. Me and Molly are in charge of Christmas dinner so our day was spent preparing and then eating! In the evening me and Mol nipped to see Nana and Grandad and then went to Mums for our little Christmas evening.

Boxing Day involves a big celebration at my Uncle and Aunties with all of the family from my Nana’s side. We play games, drink and chat. I, glad to say that the girls won the Pictionary trophy for the second year in a row. There was only 10 seconds in it!! A few of use went to the pub afterwards to carry on the festivities.

The days after Christmas I have just been relaxing. Now I’m waiting for 2019 to arrive. 2018 has been quite a tough year for me and my family, I’m looking forward to moving past things and making nice new memories.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and has a lovely New Year.


Javea times

I’ve decided this year I’m going to try and do more posts, even if they are only small. So I thought I would start with my quick yet lovely time in Spain.

Went over to visit my friend Louise. The Spanish weather was perfect. Clear sky, warm breeze and cosy sunshine. A lot different to the rain in Manchester.

We spent the first day chatting and laughing. In fact, we spent the whole visit doing that!

New Year’s Eve came and we got dressed up and enjoyed drinks and dancing. And yes, the next day was a write off. A hungover haze spent on the settee.

We made up for the lazy day on the 2nd. We went to the Port in Javea and had a coffee and a wander. Louise insisted on taking lots and lots of tourist photos which was quite funny. I just wanted to capture the perfect boat photo…. We headed back to Louise’s and chilled for a while. Then got ready for another night out. We thought we would just have a drink or two. Have an early night….. but no. Louise’s friend Josh came and met us and the game stepped up. Tequilas were had. The night ended with pizza and talks of constellations. Apparently I did a sand angel on the beach. I did wonder why I had sand in my jeans pockets….

The next day was very chilled. Went for a final meal in the evening and had the best garlic prawns ever!

What a bloody lovely trip.

And for the cultural side. I learnt how to say some Spanish sentences.

Lo siento. No comprendo. Soy Inglesa.

Me llamo Amie.

Dos tequila con naranja i canella por favor.


I am sorry. I don’t understand. I am English.

I am called Amie.

Two tequila with orange and cinnamon please.

New Year

January the 1st 2018

I have had my first foreign New Years Eve. My first day of 2018 has been spent lying on my friends settee, hungover. We had one or two tequilas.

I’ve been thinking about resolutions today. I normally think they are a ridiculous idea. I never make them. I don’t eat much unhealthy food so I can’t really cut down. I don’t smoke. Maybe I could cut down on coffee, but I won’t lie, I bloody love it so that’s not going to happen!

To me, resolutions should just be a way of life for everyone. Not a special goal or aim, just a normal attitude. Be kind. Smile. Find silver linings. Help strangers in need. Argue less. Sing in the shower. Follow your dreams. Push yourself…

I’m going into 2018 happy, excited, eager and ready for the next challenge! A whole year of new adventures. Wow!

I hope you all have a fantastic 2018.

That’s all for now.