Crazy cat lady

It’s been two weeks since my last post! Time has flown by, which can only mean that it was filled with lovely things.

The main this time happen involved all the lovely cats! There are 8 cats staying at Doğukan’s house, they sleep in the shed and rule the garden! They are all related by the grandma cat MiuMiu. Then there are two Mum cats, Chezi and Misty. Chezi has little Lucky and Misty has Lady Grey, Sylvester and Leyla. Then there is Bruce, he’s a titchy one that turned up one day and settled right in. Anyway, Lucky got sick again which meant we had to take him to the vets. Turns out he had picked up gingivitis an the little fella went down hill quick. So it was more antibiotics for him. We arrange with the vet for all the cats to get neutered and vaccinated, so all week we’ve been going back and forth with various cat family members! But it’s lovely to know they are all safe and healthy and no more kittens will be arriving! The stray cat issue is a big thing here in Cyprus!

Apart from cats, we’ve been tending to the garden. The broad bean seeds we sowed are looking great and have sprouted with lovely leaves. The carrots continue to grow and the kale is doing well. One problem has been with the spinach. It turns out spinach is extremely tasty to basically every invertebrate in the garden and so the whole crop has been demolished. We found moths, caterpillars of a variety of species, slugs and snails. We’re going to experiment with egg shells on the soil to try and keep the problem from happening again and we’ve planted strong smelling plants nearby as apparently they don’t like them! Let’s see shall we!!??

I’ve had a funny head this past week and my anxiety has been high. One evening me and Doğukan decided to go to the sea side for a stroll along the beach. Oh my goodness is was lovely. I paddled in the sea and enjoyed the feeling of the sand between my toes. I don’t know what it is about the seaside, but it always hypnotises me. I don’t want to talk when I hear waves, I feel like I’m interrupting them. It was just what I needed to clear my head for a bit!

And whilst talking about lovely things, last night we went to our friends house for a yummy take away and a catch up. Ash and Hannah came over to us last week with their son Olly so this week we went to them. Both times were lovely and it was just nice to meet up and have some wine. I’m already looking forward to next time!!

One more exciting thing happened I just remembered! Doğukan was asked to play the drum part for an advert jingle on the radio! We went to a studio and I got to sit in the booth with all the buttons! It was really cool!! Honestly, there must have been a few hundred buttons and I have no idea what they all did!!??

Anyway, there’s a brief update. That’s all for now!


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