Another week in heaven

This week has been another gorgeous week in my favourite place, Northern Cyprus!!! I’ve seen lots of lovely people, eaten lots of lovely food and had sandy toes!

On Monday Mum, Beth and I went to Janet and Keith’s house! We’d been invited for a bbq which was delicious!! Janet made these hellumi chips which were wonderful!! A couple of their neighbours were there and so I got to meet them too. We had a few beers and laughed and ate!! It was a really nice evening!!!

The next day we were up and out to take Janet’s god daughter, Amy, on a beach trip. I’d wanted to go to Alagadi beach for a while and so we invited her along too. I love the beach!!! I was so relaxed all day. I went for a snorkel to look around some sea grass in case I might be able to spot a turtle having a munch. No such luck, but I saw some fish! We played bat and ball and realised we were all pretty rubbish at that! I went to find some nice pebbles with my Mum for us to take home. And I took Amy on a walk to tell her all about turtles!!! Took me right back to when I volunteered on the project!! It was a really nice day, I can’t wait to go back again!!

The rest of the week I’ve been doing work, relaxing with Mum and Beth and eating nice food! We went to my favourite place to eat, Tervetuloa. The meze there is so bloody good!!!!!! This time of year they serve stuffed courgette flowers which are my favourite!

Me and Beth went to see The Healers on Friday. They are a band I’ve seen a few times and they are so good!! They play reggae music and it’s pretty hard not to dance along!! There was a cat mooching around the bar, I think he must have been a reggae fan too!!

It really has been a lovely week. Mum and Beth go back to the U.K. today, so I’m going to fill my time up with more lovely things next week! Keep me busy!

Forgot to mention, there was a lunar eclipse this week!!! The moon was so bright before it!! It was beautiful!!

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