What will be will be

Sunday is normal blog writing day and so I’m trying to get back into it after my Mozambique adventures. I won’t lie, this past week hasn’t been great. I won’t go into the details, but yeah, I’ve really hated it.

I had planned to come to Cyprus with my Mum and Sister for our first ever holiday with just the three of us. So I guess that was a good thing. The first few days I’ve spent trying to relax in the sunshine. Unfortunately I picked up a stomach bug and have been bed bound which is really rubbish. Today I feel slightly better so I guess I’m kicking it! I can’t afford to be sick anymore, I’m tiny enough as it is!

Being back in Cyprus is lovely because I get to hear and see all of the gorgeous birds. Hooded crows are everywhere. I can hear tinkling goldfinch all the time and chattering swallows. I think my favourite so far has been the black francolin. I’m truly in Cyprus when I hear them. As well as the birds I’ve had a snorkel and seen some lovely guiltheads. I’ve enjoyed watching the ditzy butterflies and I rescued an overturned beetle on a footpath. This morning I was woken up by huge thunderstorms. Never a bad way to wake up. Mother Nature just having a temper. I feel like a bit of a thunderstorm inside these past few days.

That’s all for now.


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