İngiltere’de çok soğuk (It’s really cold in England!)

Just a quick one this week. I’ve seen lots of my lovely family and enjoyed getting further into the Christmas spirit. I have to say though, it’s blummin’ cold here now! We had freezing rain yesterday and I swear the wind was trying to blow me away!!

Anyway, earlier in the week I spent a crisp, sunny and misty morning with my Mum, Nana, Aunties, Renee and my gorgeous little nephew Arthur. We all went to Chatsworth to enjoy a coffee and a wander around the Christmas filled shops. I got the best cuddles from little Arthur and enjoyed seeing his perfect smile. The grounds are so beautiful, I haven’t been in years so it was lovely to see them.

On top of the he lovely start to the week, I got to spend time with my Sister in her days off. That’s always a treat for me. I miss her so much when I’m away. And she is always so busy with work, so any time I get with her I cherish!

I’ve seen lots of my Mum and my Dad and had lovely times with my Nana and Grandad and my Grandpa. I also got to see my Godmother Louise which was lovely and had a scrumptious tea with my Auntie Jane!

That’s what Christmas time is all about, seeing everyone you love. If I’m honest I prefer the run up than the actual day. The run up is full of lovely days and lots of treats. Makes me realise how lucky I am with all my gorgeous people in my world!

Here’s to another happy week.


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