I usually write my blog post on a Sunday, I round up the week and reflect on what I’ve done and how I have felt. It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted. And it has made me realise how quickly something so life changing can happen. On Friday 12th October as I was flying home from Cyprus, my Grandma passed away after a brave two year fight against cancer. I was so excited on the plane home, looking forward to seeing her and telling her my latest silly adventures and I really wanted a cuddle and to tell her I loved her. Unfortunately I didn’t get that chance. She decided it was her time and when it happened it was peaceful and pain free. I have since thought that she chose that time because she knew I was coming back to be with my family and so she knew that there was a new matriarch ready to step in. Not that anyone can really take her place…

When I was younger I was very close with my Grandma. As soon as me and my sister arrived at their house I would run and jump on her knee, that was my seat for the remainder of the stay. Some evenings me and her would wrap up in blankets and lie on sun loungers outside watching the stars. She’s always spoil me and Molly with sweets and cakes and strawberries with melted chocolate. She’d sit through countless dance performances to Shania Twain or Girls Aloud or even Irish dancing!!! We’d try on her wedding dress and pretend to be princesses. She didn’t care that we eventually ruined it because for those moments we were utterly joyful.

Growing up and we still stayed close but becoming adults meant less time to visit, especially when I am always travelling. Instead we’d have phone calls and catch up. Any achievement I’d get a card from her. Every single card said “Grandpa and I are so proud of you”. Her whole life was about the family. Everything she did was for my Grandpa, Dad, Molly and Me. She was this calming presence to all of us.

It’s hard to write enough to explain how gorgeous she was.

The relationship my Grandma and Grandpa had was special and it has shown me what love should be like. She was 15 when she met my Grandpa. The rest, as they say, is history. They supported each other through thick and thin and supported the family between them. I remember being so embarrassed if they would dance together, but really it was beautiful to see them so happy. It makes me sad thinking that she won’t meet my future husband, but I have to think that she’s watching someone and smiling.

She has left a really huge gap in the family.

She was a kind, caring, loving and beautiful woman. And I am so lucky to have called her my Grandma.


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