Güzel Kıbrıs

I’ve been back in Cyprus for 2 weeks now and I love it. The weather is still so so hot, the sea is warm and the sky is my favourite shade of blue.

I’ve been busy doing PhD work, got lots of writing to do at the minute! I also got the reviews back for my first paper I have ever submitted!!!!! The reviews are positive and so not much to edit before we send it off again. I’m starting to feel like a proper scientist!

Mum and Beth came out for a week which was lovely. We went to the coast a lot and so I got to see lots of migrating birds. It was Glossy ibises at the start of the week, but by the end it was flocks of Grey herons. One day was really windy and they fought for a while to get going. They were determined though and just came further to the shore. I got a brilliant view!

One new thing I tried this week was a visit to a casino. I have to say, I really didn’t enjoy it. I just don’t understand how people get sucked into it? It’s literally just a place to go to lose money. And i don’t have money to lose! It was interesting people watching. But the staff there don’t like you just standing around, so I just didn’t feel relaxed. At least I can say I’ve done it though. And I guess I know I’m not a gambler, which is a relief!

It’s been lovely to see friends. I have Ahmet, Mehmet and Osman who help me practice Turkish. Afet who makes the best meze on the island and who also helps me with my Turkish! Janet and Keith who are the most gorgeous brummy couple in existence! And loads more. I haven’t even been over to the other side of Girne yet…. Roots is waiting for me!!

Me and Mum have been taking a lot of plastic out of the sea. One thing really annoyed me… we had a small crowd watching us, and after we cleared a lot of it people then went to swim. But they just swam past plastic bags and things and didn’t take them out?!?! Do people not realise that they are going to end up being eaten by marine life? If you think it’s dirty then take it out and wash your hands, that’s better than leaving it for something to eat!!!! Urgh!!!!

Anyway… sorry to rant…

To sum up. Cyprus is glorious. I’m happy to be here and learning the Turkish language and eating the scrumptious food!!


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