Thankyou, Mother Nature.

Another week has gone by. The house finally feels like normal again after the burglary which is nice!

I’ve been on a couple of lovely walks this week. I love being outdoors. I get to practice IDing tree species which is actually really nice. Thing is, birds move, so sometimes you just get a glimpse. But trees stay still and you can really study them and get a feel for their characters. My favourite tree is Rowan, but I think I also have a soft spot for huge oaks!

I’ve seen lots of family members this week. That’s what I love about being home. I get lots of hugs and lots of tea and lots of laughs.

I had a fleeting visit from one of my best friends, Sav. It was a dramatic visit as we actually ended up assisting a woman who kept fainting and had hit her head. The cafe rewarded our good deed with a free lunch!

Today I’ve been bird ringing. We met just after 5 and had a solid 8 hour session. The highlights were tree pipits and a Whitethroat. Although the goldcrests and tree creepers always make me happy. We had a mini forage about half way through for blackberries and whinberries to put with some meringue and cream. A proper summer treat on such a humid day!

A side note to my bird ringing day. The Whitethroat we caught was a lovely bird. Elegant looking and a bit different to what we usually get. When we were getting the different measurements, we noticed it had built up a good fat store. This means this bird is nearly ready for its big journey back to Africa. The bird was a young bird, born this year and it is about to make a journey over thousands of miles. I find moments with such animals grounding and calming. Lately I’ve been feeling pretty anxious. Life seems to be throwing a lot at me and my family but this bird put a few things into perspective for me. It is small but so strong and determined. It gave me a burst of positivity! I think it’s nice to find positivity from nature and what surrounds us. I know it might sound like a hippy rant, but I believe it. We are surrounded by beauty in all sorts of shapes, sizes and forms. I’m very thankful for our gorgeous wildlife. I wish that Whitethroat so much luck on its big journey ahead!

Anyway, that’s all for now!


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