This week, I’m not a fan of people

Been back from my European for nearly two weeks now. A lot has happened in that space of time. Some good, some bad.

I’ve seen lots of family which, like always, was lovely. I got to meet the gorgeous new addition to the group, my little nephew Arthur. It’s been sunny and warm and gorgeous.

I’ve finally had the time to go bird ringing with my favourite ringing team! I even got a ringing tick in the form of a beautiful Whitethroat. This bird is a warbler species that has a lovely chestnut/brown tail and a deep cream throat. It made me very happy. It was also really nice to catch some of my old favourites that I don’t get to see (or barely see) in Cyprus. Robins, wrens, blue tits and dunnocks. Whilst there I eve had a go on Ingrid’s air rifle! I won the target practice.

So most of my time at home so far has been lovely. Enjoying walks in the countryside, learning the tree species and laughing. I even met my old school friend Jack for a long awaited catch up!!


I’m not sure about karma, but something took a turn. Firstly, my debit car was frauded. All the way over in Haiti. They stole £350. Luckily I can get this money back, but still. Who does that?

I carried on with my week. Enjoying the sunshine, dealing with the slight inconvenience of a frauded card. And the … A few days ago I went home to find the house had been burgled. When I say burgled I don’t mean a quick dash inside to grab some bits, I mean every single draw, every nook and cranny, every possible place had been turned over. The whole house ransacked. I rang the police and they were lovely. The poor men tried to deal with my crying and shaking! I gave the poor cat some cuddles and waited for forensics. Now, what hurts me, is how on earth people have the ability to do this to someone’s home. Someone’s nest. Somewhere someone should feel safe. They took my most precious jewellery, pieces that have such sentimental value they are priceless to me. My room feels dirty now. I tried to find nice things amongst all of this. It came in the form of a beautiful moth. It took my mind away from the utter chaos for a moment.

I just want to end with a negative rant about humans. We are destroying the planet. We are destroying each other. We do selfish, hateful things. Yes there are people around us to fill our lives with love. But there are some damn evil people in the world. I don’t like it. This week I’m annoyed, fed up, pissed off. My emotion is urgh.

Luckily it’s Sunday, next week is a new week.

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