Rooted to Cyprus

So I’m back again. Back in one of my favourite places in the world. Gorgeous, happy Cyprus. I’ve not written a blog post for a couple of weeks. I’ve been too busy!

I had a lovely little stint at home. Seeing my family is so special and the weather was nice for a change which is a huge bonus!!! My nephew Max is a dream and growing up too fast!! I swear next time I see him he will probably be taller than me!

I came to Cyprus a week ago and am loving it. This week has been nice because I’ve had loads of time to do Uni work. I have a little routine, I get up early and do computer work and then I head to the sea in the afternoon for a swim and a soaking of sunshine. Not a bad life really.

Hearing the Cetti’s warblers in the morning makes me smile. You can hear them and their poetic outbursts in most places in Cyprus. Lovely.

I’ve been doing a lot of snorkelling this week which has been really relaxing. It’s just me and the fish and you just forget everything for half an hour or so. The only thing that disturbs the serenity is the plastic. Each snorkel trip I always grab as much as I can. One less plastic bag for a sea creature to eat!!

I’ve also had some wonderful experiences with bats since being back. When I go to sleep I have my curtains open so I can see the stars (helps me fall asleep). I was looking at them the other night and all of a sudden, loads of bats starting whizzing past the window. It was amazing! They’re there every night and I get so watch their acrobatic performances. Much better than counting sheep!! When I was at Roots bar on Friday, Ash pointed out all the fruit bats in the tree. Loads of them, clutching to the putter branches ready for take off. I’ve never seen bats to clearly! I’ll always remember it.

Speaking of Roots bar. I’ve been able to go a couple of times since being back. I’ve ended up pretty damn drunk both times. It’s fantastic there. I feel like one of the gang now. Ash and Hannah, the owners, are bloody gorgeous. Such an amazing place. On Friday they had live music on so I went on my own to get out and have a lovely Cyprus night. Penny, a friend of mine from Alagadi, was there and so I may have persuaded her into a tequila or two! After most people left a water fight broke out. I got away with only a wet bum and back after an attack from Veysel. Katie, Ash and Veys were soaked! It was a lovely night, one of those that just make you smile.

I’m so so happy to be back here. I’m practicing my Turkish which is really useful and I get to be on this magical island again!

Love it!!!!


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