Pilots in Poznan

This week has gone by in a flash. It has been really lovely and with a mix of even lovelier people!

Earlier in the week I went for two nice walks. One was in my lunch break where I went to the huge reed bed nearby. The reed warblers were so loud and joyful. The same day Donata and I went for a forest walk. We were graced with chaffinches, greenfinches, blackbirds, blue tits, great tits and tiny wrens. My idea of heaven.

On Tuesday I had my first online Turkish lesson. I have to learn a foreign language as part of my PhD and so I’ve decided to learn Turkish because of my connection to Northern Cyprus. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to write a translated version of my blog!! For now I know how to say “I would like a coffee please” which is vital for me.

Thursday evening came and me and Donata went to my amazing Czech families flat for something to eat and a catch up. Pavel cooked an amazing salmon, cream and spinach gnocchi. Bloody delicious! All washed down with red wine of course. It was so lovely to see the kids too. Astrid is the calmest baby ever, Hynek just wants to climb on things! It’s always so nice to see them.

As well as work I’ve been practicing my drawing. This week I did a lion for my Dad. The strongest, bravest man I know.

Anyway….then the weekend came.

Saturday day was spent relaxing. In the evening we got ready and heading into the Old Town to meet Donata’s friends. The rum and cokes started. We had several each. After the first few we went into the Ratusz (town hall) as it was open all night with free admission! Being slightly drunk inside a museum is hilarious. I’d highly recommend it. We went to a bar after that. Had more drinks. Me some Dutch fighter pilots. Drank some more. Moved on to another bar. Had tequila. Met the pilots again. It was light by the time we headed home! Such an amazing night!


Today we are hungover.

I just wanted to end with this…When we were at the Czech family’s house, Marketa commented that she has never seen me so calm and relaxed. She is the second person to say this to me during my visit here. Kasia said the same to me last weekend. It makes me feel really good that I have come a full circle in a whole year. I’m back to Amie. I’m so happy in my lovely little life. I think for now it’s just great to be in a flow that suits me. You only live once. This isn’t a dress rehearsal or a practice run. This is the now. I’m just going to enjoy it all. And most important thing, I’m going to enjoy being me!

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