Goodbye, Sleepy House

A week has already gone by and so much has happened and changed. Me and Sav took Rupert and Bob to the border so they could return home, it was just down to two in Sleepy House for the rest of my time in Cyprus.

We both had a lovely week though. We put up lots of Roller nest boxes, did a bird tour, got drunk, did office work and got drunk some more. What more could you want from a week?

I’ll set the scene a little bit more.

After dropping the others at the border we headed to Haspolat to put up some nest boxes. It was so humid that day and I felt all funny inside because we’d had to say goodbye to people. There was a huge highlight though, I got to see my first ever red-footed falcons! A beautiful adult female and a first summer male. The tree they were in was grand. It was full of birds, several kestrels were happy to perch amongst the leaves. We stayed there for a while and just watched. Even Sav was excited! I think he’s got the birding bug!

The next day was full on. We had to take 2 people out on a bird tour. They were a lovely couple, Bryan and Brenda. They were in their 80’s and by the sounds of it, they have never stopped moving! They have been all over the world and seen some incredible things. It was lovely talking with them. And we stopped for a strawberry milkshake which is always a bonus. That night we went to Roots bar. Had lots of tequila. And I know doubt did something embarrassing…

The next day I did office work. Hungover.

Another day of odd jobs after that. We went to Lapta to drop some stuff off at my Mums. Then we nipped to Roots again for a sunshine shandy. Home for some amazing noodles and then back out to Roots for my farewell drinks. Again, we had lots of tequila and I probably embarrassed myself. We saw Michelle and Paul there which was lovely, I’m pretty sure I invited myself to Ireland to visit them!

Another hungover day after that, but more productive. We did the first beach walk on Alagadi for nesting turtles. They’re really early this year! I paddled in the sea and enjoyed the fresh air. It was a good day for food too. Banana pancakes for breakfast because I know how amazing Sav can make them! I decided to buy us a roast chicken for lunch and we ate like vikings! Nothing but roast chicken! Tea was homemade pizza!

Saturday came and it was time for me to leave. I cried. A lot. Sleepy House adventures have just been so amazing. I have met so many amazing people and been able to do so many amazing things. I’ve made best friends.

I won’t be away for long. Cyprus is already calling my name.

I’m currently sat in Istanbul having visited my friend Simla. I’ll be posting about that next week. Too much to talk about!


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