Rollers, reptiles and Raki

This week has been another belter! Cyprus suits me. I can’t help smile when I drive along the roads with the mountains on one side and the sea on the other. I’ve seen 2 new bird species this week which is always exciting! A pair of Yellow wagtails (the Turkish subspecies) and a blue cheeked bee eater! You should google them, they’re beautiful!

This week started with a last visit to see my Mum and Sister before they headed back to the UK. We went to the local kebab shop and got an amazing adana and chicken doner wrap! Adding chillies was heaven! It was a lovely evening and always so nice to see them!

Most of the week has comprised of roller nest box making! My circular sawing skills are pretty good and I even know how to use a drill now! Me, Rupert and Bob spent a day driving around the Masouri plain to find suitable spots to place them. It was a lovely day actually. At one point I had a small conversation in Turkish with a local man who then gave me an artichoke! Have you ever seen artichoke flowers? They’re amazing!! I drove us home whilst the other two slept, I just sang and smiled.

So, as well as being Roller crazy, we’ve also had reptiles galore. Both alive and dead. We’ve been looking after tortoises. They are the most bizarre creatures, but fascinating to watch! Emma is the Mum who loves eating fresh apple slices and hiding under suitcases. As well as these gorgeous reptiles, we’ve had a couple of dead turtles too. Both juveniles, one only 13cm long!

Moving on from dead turtles, I have a happy animal story. Freddy fledged this week! My gorgeous house sparrow chick is now in the big wide world. He was such a character and I miss him but I’m quite proud that I raised him and he went on his own accord. It’s not every day you get to raise a bird!

Last night was lovely. We were all invited to for a meal with Mehmet and İbrahim. 2 fishermen we have been working with. We had amazing mezze with fish cooked in the proper fisherman way! Of course, this was all washed down with Raki and brandy and beer. Raki is so strong! Safe to say I was drunk and happy.

Now, I’ll end on an exceptional high…. mid way through writing this (I’m sat on the beach hungover) I got a shout from Rupert saying he had spotted a turtle when he was snorkelling. Me and Bob rushed in and had a turn with his mask and snorkel. I just swam with a gorgeous Green turtle! It was peacefully grazing on a bed of sea grass, in an underwater world of its own. It was one of the most magical moments I’ve ever had. I just swam with a turtle.

On that note, I’m going to lie here and smile and be happy with this day.

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