Family and a fledgling

This week has been lovely.

I got my Mums apartment ready for her arrival this week. I swept up whilst Sav cooked dinner! Not a bad deal really! I got to visit them on Thursday for a couple of days which was nice. I don’t spend much time in the UK nowadays so any time I can grab with my family is special! Sav joined us for a day and a half. Lots of tequila was consumed. Surprise surprise.

Freddy is all grown up now. The gorgeous sparrow of mine is full of feathers and still just as hungry. He goes outside with us now and has started preening and flying loads. It’s amazing to see how he has developed. His beak is getting quite tough now though, so his affectionate pecks on the cheek have turned into pinches!!

Bird surveys have been done. I went to wetlands with Bob and saw my first ever night heron! Three of them to be exact. It was a lovely first for me. I also saw my first bee eater of the year too. I went and did a breeding bird transect with Sav which ended up in an ancient village of ruins. The view was breathtaking. A gorgeous valley of golden crops edged with the west coast sea. We saw a pair of rollers calling their crackling call and watched them as they span around in the air. It was lovely.

I have also learnt a new skill this week. I used a circular saw for the first time. We are making roller nest boxes and I’m head of sawing!!! I think if my research career doesn’t go as planned, i still might have a chance as a builders labourer?

Have an amazing week everyone.


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