A hungover necropsy

This week has disappeared into thin air! Can’t believe how time is flying, but I guess it means I must be having an amazing time.

Cyprus is getting warmer each day. Right now it’s perfect weather, not too hot!

This week for me has been mainly PhD work and looking after Freddy. He amazes me. Every time I look at him, more feathers have come through, his beak has changed colour, his legs and wings are stronger. I really feel like a proud Mumma bird!

On Thursday, Sav and I were asked to go and do a television interview at Bayrak International. Neither of us had done anything like it, it was really exciting! We arrived and got taken to a proper tv studio with huge cameras moving around like robots! The recording was done for about half an hour and we just chatted about the projects going on in Alagadi at the minute. Kuskor and it’s birds, SPOT and it’s fisheries. I really enjoyed it. I like talking about conservation and trying to spread the word. Every little helps, you never know what little bits of information might change someone’s perspective!

Friday night came and all of sleepy house went out to Roots Bar for the owners birthday bash! Many tequilas were had! Saw Michelle and Paul again which was lovely, and met a couple of titchy brothers who showed us the ropes at playing pool! I’m pretty sure at one point I got roped in to playing tag with them too… Turns out I’m really not that good!

Yesterday, I was hungover. But my hungry little chick doesn’t stop begging and so I had to carry on as normal! There was a dead turtle that had to be necropsied today too. Unfortunately I got landed with the task. Normally it’s grim, but when hungover, it’s just awful. She was a huge loggerhead who had been dragged up in a fishing nets from quite a depth, giving her “the bends”. One of her lungs had collapsed and after fighting hard for a few hours, she eventually died. This beauty had been through it. When conducting the necropsy I discovered she was a healthy turtle. Huge layers of fat and massive muscles. She was a strong one. When removing her gut (for later analysis of plastic presence) a small tear appeared which allowed a small amount of stomach contents to escape. It was plastic. In such a small amount of stomach matter, there was parts of a black bag, part of a toy car, a wire coated in red plastic and several unidentifiable pieces. Her intestines were coiled tightly and very hard, probably because something was caught along her digestive tract and bunching up within. This gorgeous creature had plastic in her. Lots of plastic. And do you know what the worst thing is….. I wasn’t even shocked. I was half expecting it. What kind of a world is it where I’m not even shocked to find plastic in a turtle. I won’t rant much more, but please, please, if you do anything today, just think about one way to reduce your plastic usage.

Have an amazing week everyone!


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