Kicking it in Kibris

I started off this week by flying back to Cyprus. A quick stint at home was all I needed to get my fill of hugs and northern brews. But now I am back and raring to go again!


Mostly it has been full on PhD work in the office, but I have managed to squeeze in some fun stuff too! The other day, Sav and I went for a meeting in Nicosia with Robbo and Damla. A good catch up of what the project has achieved so far and where it is headed! We left the meeting and drove the scenic way home, blasting good music and enjoying the sun setting over the Cyprus mountains. We were passing through Esentepe and decided to make a stop at Roots bar. A quirky little reggae place right on the coast. The plan was to have a single drink and head home, but it didn’t quite turn out like that. Several rum and cokes, a tequila, jagermiester and mini guiness later I was behind the bar with Ash, the owner, and the bar man. Michelle and Paul are a regular couple in Roots and we made good friends with them. An intense game of pool sealed the friendship deal, and I’m happy to report that me and Michelle won the game against Sav. We danced, we laughed and we exchanged stories. An amazing night.

Another gorgeous day happened yesterday. Sav and I had a few errands to do in Girne and decided to make a day of it. We visited Girne harbour castle, wandered around back streets, at an amazing lunch and ended it with an ice cream. I got a sunburnt back, unfortunately I’m not 100% Cypriot yet and still a fare skinned Manchunian! Damn!

The weather is glorious and I can’t help having a smile on my face. There is something special about living in a place sandwiched between mountains and sea. I love it.


Enjoy life and keep smiling, I am.


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