A fleeting visit

I go back to Cyprus on Tuesday, but I’ve had a lovely little trip back home. Unfortunately, I’ve been hit with a stomach bug and so my two nicest treats (A Sigrid concert and bird ringing) had to be cancelled… but I can’t be too annoyed, I’ve seen my gorgeous family this week and that’s all that matters. There is nothing like family cuddles and chatting with a good brew.

It’s strange coming from Cyprus, where Great tit chicks are already fledging; swallows and swifts are performing their impressive aerial acrobatics and new migrants are being spotted every day. I’ve come to the UK and there is a feeling of quiet and expectation. Not long and the full buzz of spring will start. Very exciting!

I’ll keep it short and sweet this week, but I just wanted to talk about my favourite part of my trip. I had a musical afternoon with my Mum. We looked through all her old vinyls and listened to some amazing tracks. She told me different stories from her record shop days and gave me a full low-down on the Bay City Rollers history! I love days like that, learning stories about your closest people that you just never knew before.

That’s all for now.


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