Sunshine-y days

Another week has gone by and I’m still as happy as ever.

I have never been in Cyprus at this time of year before, but I am glad I’ve had this chance! The flowers are incredible! I didn’t realise there were so many shades of yellow! The birds are further ahead than back home in Britain. Great tits are already breeding. The house sparrows near sleepy house are constantly finding nesting materials. Barn swallows are making repairs on last years mud huts. Most wetland sites we visit have a gang of frogs ribbeting away. The sun is constantly shining and the weather is warm and joyful. My freckles have come out in full swing!

It’s been quite a birdy week this week! We have a new volunteer called Fran. I’ve taken her out on a few trips. We had the opportunity to go out with a man called Doug! He’s a proper adventurer and helped me a lot with some tricky ID questions! I’m know pretty confident at telling apart a green sandpiper from a wood sandpiper!!

A few of us joined Damla, Robbo and the kids for bird ringing this morning. I got a few ringing ticks which was exciting! My first ever black redstart and linnet! We also caught a red-fronted serin! The second sighting ever for North Cyprus!!!

I’m loving the flow of life over here. I have amazing field work that I get to do in between my PhD! My down time consists of drawing. I’m a bit addicted at the minute. I have a lot of practice to do, but it completely takes my mind off of anything and everything !!!

Another amazing week in one of my favourite places!

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