My week of happiness-es

This week has been a write off for fisheries work. It has been too wavy, the wind has really picked up. The sea is constantly changing colour as it is churned up from the deep. It’s really relaxing to watch the huge waves come in and crash against the rocks. It gives you a moment to appreciate just how amazing and strong mother nature is. I think awesome is probably the best word to describe her.

Quite a few wetlands have been monitored this week. 12 to be exact. Each having a quirky beauty and a unique assemblage of birds. I’m starting to get my ear in now. I can identify quite a few species from their songs or calls but I need to keep practicing. This time of year is lovely, the sky becoming thicker with sound everyday. A constant cacophany of twitters. I’ve heard my first chiffchaff of the year already. They have a delicate and sweet song. I almost imagine them skipping along, whistling a happy up and down note with each wingbeat. Greenfinches are uttering their wheezy tunes. Cetti’s warblers are bursting out in a flourish of happiness. Black redstarts crackle on their favourite perches. It’s lovely.

IMG_6786A new volunteer, Rupert, joined the team this week. I went and got him from the airport and gave him the usual welcome hug! Lucky for him it was pancake day and so he was treated to Amie-made pancakes! I did a huge batch for all the volunteers to munch on! I think my favourite topping is still the classic lemon and sugar. The afternoon was not as sweet. Sav and Mat brought back two dead turtles that had been caught in fishing nets. Me and Stacey necropsied them. It might sound morbid, but it is weirdly interesting to do. I mean, I now know how to sex a turtle (it’s to do with the presence of a membrane in which the eggs are grown and stored)!


Valentines day came and went. I chose myself as my valentine this year. Or more specifically, my life. It is so exciting right now and I am so happy. It feels so nice to be surrounded by such amazing people both here and abroad. I have so much to look forward to and so much I want to achieve. Exciting times lie ahead! Anyway, enough blabbering. Valentines tea was made be Rupert and me. We made coconut milk daal and homemade roti. It went down a treat.


Friday was a particularly nice day. In the morning a few of us went to see a fisherman in Lapta who I had been emailing. He had a poster for us, of all the fish they look to catch on their trips. Perfect for the office! We enjoyed a turkish coffee with him and listened to his stories from his various fishing adventures. He has some impressive scars! In the evening we were all invited to Penny’s house. Penny is an expat living out in Cyprus for much of the year. A huge friend to the Turtle Project. She cooked us up an amazing roast dinner, with a new york cheesecake for pudding! I don’t know if I have ever been so full!


The radio interview finally aired yesterday. I was shocked at just how northern I sound. I always thought I had quite a neutral accent. Turns out I really don’t. Northern and proud!! It’s on again for the last time today. 11am UK time, 1pm Cyprus time. It is on Bayrak International Radio station on the program “The Main Event”.


Anyway, I feel as though I’ve rambled enough.




2 thoughts on “My week of happiness-es

  1. I always look forward to reading all about your adventures Amie-always makes me smile and so proud of your spirit. Xx keep them coming!!!


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