25 years

It’s my birthday today.

First birthday I’ve spent without any family member. Although I have an amazing Cyprus family out here to celebrate with.

My last week of being 24 I spent monitoring wetlands and doing on board fisheries observations. Definitely can’t complain. I even got to drive a fishing boat and park it up in the harbour! I’m officially a Captain now!

24 was a good year. I made some tough decisions, but ultimately came out stronger for it. I am now a happy Amie again.

25 year old Amie is going to continue to conquer the world. I’m going to travel more, learn more, smile more and just be bloody happy!

I’m currently sat on the terrace of sleepy house. The sea is calmly washing against the shore. Crested larks are merrily chirping. Bright yellow flowers are painted amongst the lush grass. I’m so lucky. I also have cake to eat later. It might not be my Nanas chocolate cake, but it will have to do!

Now I’m going to go for a beach walk. Dip my toes in the Mediterranean Sea and look forward to an amazing year ahead!

25 is my year! Watch out world!

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