Catch of the day

What a full week! It has been non-stop with one thing and another. We temporarily adopted a dog (I named him Leonard). Visited an animal sanctuary. Monitored lots of beautiful wetlands. Patrolled beaches for stranded turtles. Ate freshly caught fish. And I started my stint of fisheries observations.


I won’t go into too much detail about everything. I will try and keep it short and sweet.


The main task for me this week was to go to lots of wetland sites to do the monthly survey of the various birds that can be found there. I did 10 this week. Pretty chuffed with that. The sites are beautiful, especially now the weather has decided to get a bit nicer. Each wetland contains a varying diversity of birds which keeps the excitement up! I think my highlights this week are pintail, marsh harrier, kentish plover and the many, many kestrels. There are stonechat’s everywhere at the minute, they are always a nice sight as I don’t often see them back home. There is also a black restart that has a favourite perch outside of the office window. He can be quite distracting sometimes…. One of the wetland sights me and Stacey visited ended up with us having a deep hatred for mud. We very nearly got very, very, very stuck. Thank goodness for four wheel drive hey! The colours on the various drives have been incredible. The sky is a perfect blue against a vivid green lushness. So beautiful.


Beach patrols were done by everyone. We headed to the west coast and walked the beaches looking for any stranded turtles.  This is because they might have perished due to bycatch and then washed up. We didn’t find any, but it was a nice day out for us all. Even if there was torrential rain… One of the nicest parts of the day for me was the noise of the pebbles tumbling over one another in the swell of the waves. It was so peaceful. The sounds of the sea hypnotises me. Why anyone would want to talk over such a noise I do not know?!


The two boys have been out on fishing boats doing observations and brought back a parcel of various fish species for us to try. You can’t get it much fresher really! We fried them in a thin coating of flour and spices which made them perfectly crisp and a little bit too tasty!


Now for the highlight of my week…This morning it was finally my turn to get out on a fishing boat. I headed to Bogaz harbour with Sav to meet a fisherman heading out at 03:00. It was a very early start, but so worth it. I was armed with my travel sickness tablets, a flask of coffee and a helumi sandwich. As well as my binoculars and waterproofs of course. We spent 6 hours out at sea in total and it was a delight. It was such an amazing experience being able to watch all the tricks of the trade. And, do you know, fish are actually really beautiful up close. When the sun was rising the world around us came alive. Gulls were calling above us, flying fish were skimming the water and we gained a bit more energy too! The sun emits a bit of magic to the world. We finally made it back to the harbour and were invited back to the fisherman’s house for breakfast. He steamed some of the fish from today’s catch and we ate it with a small sandwich. Nothing better.


Such an adventurous week. And I’ve bloody loved every minute. Loving my little Cyprus family too.

Have a glorious week everyone. And if you feel a bit rubbish then listen to a black redstart call, they are really weird! x

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