Cześć Poznań

As usual I am on the move. Currently sat drinking my second coffee of the day in Poznan airport. Back to Manchester for a couple of days now!

I’ve had a lovely week. I’ve seen all my favourite people from my Poznan life. I saw my beautiful Polish Mum, Kasia. The amazing Czech family with their most gorgeous new addition, tiny Astrid. I saw my office friend Paweł, we mostly bickered. What a fab bunch of people I have!

I’m was staying with Donata this week. She’s was lovely enough to agree to take me in! It’s always a treat staying with her. She cooks up the best food, breakfasts are a special feast! I was welcomed with a white chocolate cake! What more could you ask for?! Last weekend we went on a chilly wander so I could go and spot some red squirrels! The cold air is so much nicer than back home, it’s dry and clear. Manchester is just so rainy!!!

The working week began and that consisted of lots of hours in the office spent listening to Boubou calls. I’m pretty fluent in Boubou now…. I had a couple of meetings about next steps and am feeling very positive!

On Thursday afternoon everyone in the behavioural ecology department met in the common room for beers and to look at videos and photos from past Cameroon trips. It was so nice to have everyone together! Nice bunch of people! I was slightly tipsy after one beer! I went back to Donata’s and we carried on with the drinking vibe and enjoyed a glass of very strong Lithuanian spirit. Dancing happened.

Last night we went for a drink and some shisha. I met some of her friends and enjoyed a chilled Poznan night.

It’s been a short but sweet trip. Loved seeing everyone. Now to get back home and pack for the next adventure.

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