Javea times

I’ve decided this year I’m going to try and do more posts, even if they are only small. So I thought I would start with my quick yet lovely time in Spain.

Went over to visit my friend Louise. The Spanish weather was perfect. Clear sky, warm breeze and cosy sunshine. A lot different to the rain in Manchester.

We spent the first day chatting and laughing. In fact, we spent the whole visit doing that!

New Year’s Eve came and we got dressed up and enjoyed drinks and dancing. And yes, the next day was a write off. A hungover haze spent on the settee.

We made up for the lazy day on the 2nd. We went to the Port in Javea and had a coffee and a wander. Louise insisted on taking lots and lots of tourist photos which was quite funny. I just wanted to capture the perfect boat photo…. We headed back to Louise’s and chilled for a while. Then got ready for another night out. We thought we would just have a drink or two. Have an early night….. but no. Louise’s friend Josh came and met us and the game stepped up. Tequilas were had. The night ended with pizza and talks of constellations. Apparently I did a sand angel on the beach. I did wonder why I had sand in my jeans pockets….

The next day was very chilled. Went for a final meal in the evening and had the best garlic prawns ever!

What a bloody lovely trip.

And for the cultural side. I learnt how to say some Spanish sentences.

Lo siento. No comprendo. Soy Inglesa.

Me llamo Amie.

Dos tequila con naranja i canella por favor.


I am sorry. I don’t understand. I am English.

I am called Amie.

Two tequila with orange and cinnamon please.

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