New Year

January the 1st 2018

I have had my first foreign New Years Eve. My first day of 2018 has been spent lying on my friends settee, hungover. We had one or two tequilas.

I’ve been thinking about resolutions today. I normally think they are a ridiculous idea. I never make them. I don’t eat much unhealthy food so I can’t really cut down. I don’t smoke. Maybe I could cut down on coffee, but I won’t lie, I bloody love it so that’s not going to happen!

To me, resolutions should just be a way of life for everyone. Not a special goal or aim, just a normal attitude. Be kind. Smile. Find silver linings. Help strangers in need. Argue less. Sing in the shower. Follow your dreams. Push yourself…

I’m going into 2018 happy, excited, eager and ready for the next challenge! A whole year of new adventures. Wow!

I hope you all have a fantastic 2018.

That’s all for now.


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