Better late than never

I haven’t written a blog post in ages! I’ve been busy and not in my normal routine. But today I thought I could write a quick post about what I have been getting up to.

The past month I have been back home in England and I am so happy to see my family and friends. I’m even happy to be in the British summertime weather. Rain makes the countryside nice and green after all…


I wasn’t back home long before I went away for a couple of weeks to my second home of Northern Cyprus. It wasn’t a trip of great adventure (I’ve explored it a lot in the past) but rather a trip to try and relax. I spent every day swimming in the sea and getting a huge dose of vitamin D from the sunshine. It was very hot and humid most of the time but a nice iced coffee soon helped with that. I indulged in a fair few turkish coffees too! One of my favourite things about Cyprus in the summer are the fresh figs. Straight from the tree. Warm, juicy, sweet. There is nothing quite like the taste of a fig. Maybe I would go as far as to say they are my favourite fruit. Although the watermelons over in Cyprus are sublime too. They are about three times the size of those found in the UK and the flavour is at least ten times as intense. Just amazing. Anyway… As well as scrumptious fruits we also enjoyed traditional turkish meze. What a feast! We tried to pick our favourite dishes but it is just too hard. I love the stuffed vine leaves or courgette flowers. But then, i also love the cigarette rolls stuffed with soft cheese….or maybe my favourite is the mini lamachun… see it is just too hard. Too many amazing tastes to try and pick a winner. Away from the savoury world and we get baklava. If you have never tried this then you need to hunt some out. It is flakey pastry, drenched in a sugary syrup and usually incorporates pistachios into the mix. What a dream. Turkish food is so amazing. Aside from the food Cyprus never fails to make me smile. My Mum used to live in Cyprus and so over the years me and my sister have come to know a lot of people and so it is always nice to go back and meet friendly faces and have a good catch up. It’s like we have a mini family in the Mediterranean. How lovely!


Back from Cyprus and I had an exciting wedding to attend. My best friend Iqra’s oldest sister was getting married and I got to go to one of the celebrations! This meant I could wear some of the amazing asian clothes I have seen Iqra wear before. They are just so beautiful! Waheeda, Iqra’s mum, had chosen an amazing red outfit for me. It was so interesting to see the different traditions compared to an English wedding. There was so much colour everywhere. All the women had amazing outfits. So many different designs and patterns. There were several performances presented to the happy couple. A comedic play about Reshma meeting Sebastian, Columbian dancing, a group dance performed by the girls. It was amazing. It was such a nice opportunity to see something different than usual.


Another first for me came with the attendance to the horse races in York. All the family went to celebrate my Uncle’s 60th birthday. I have never been to any horse races before so it was such a treat. We all dressed up and had our own box for the day. We placed our bets and enjoyed an amazing view from the balcony. I won 1 of the 7 races and I was so chuffed. I think at least one of the family won for each race which was nice. It’s always nice to just spend time with everyone and have a laugh. I love them all to bits!

Talking about family…I finally got to meet the lovely new addition to the family. Max Rapps is such a treat. Only a few weeks old but possibly my favourite person. We worked out he is my first cousin once removed. It’s faffy to say that though so I think I will just stick with calling him my nephew!


So those are the main events of home life so far.

What a treat I have had.


6 thoughts on “Better late than never

  1. Oh I had a lovely time in Cysprus last week, it’s just lovely. I couldn’t visit the northern parts since I lost a day due to delayed flights, but there’s always something new for next time, right?
    btw, that baby is too cute for words!

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