A sister and a bee.


This week has been very emotional for many of us.

A terrorist attack in my home city of Manchester has taken 22 lives and effected so many in ways I cannot fathom.

I am not a great writer. I can’t write a blog post to explain this. Or in any way make it better. But I can write about how utterly proud I am to be from such an amazing city. I can talk about Mancunian spirit and the way we rally together. I can say that Manchester is a great city filled with inspirational people.

Mancunians…We are kind. We are strong. We are one.

I used to work in the city centre. I would walk through the streets hearing a jumble of different languages and seeing a mash up of different faces. In a line up of people you couldn’t pick out a Mancunian. We are a people of all sorts. We have china town, the curry mile, hipsters in the northern quarter. We have buskers, business people and students. We have sport, music and pubs. We are diverse and weird and amazing. It took me to move abroad to realise this. It is no ordinary city.

This week we have seen Manchester show the rest of the world just how me we care for each other. Strangers coming together in times of crisis and showing such compassion. In times of such horror, this is not our shield. This strength is our weapon. We fight with love. Love for any human being who needs it.

I am so proud of this.


Now for my usual post…


I had a visitor this week which was nice. My lovely little sister joined me for 4 days of sunshine, ice cream and walks.

Most of our time was spent wandering around parks and chatting. One day we went to a place called KontenerART which is created for the summer season. It is a venue made from shipping containers with a beer garden and small beach. At night there is even space for bands to perform. We didn’t feel like we were trendy enough to stay here but we embraced it and sat for a while!


One afternoon we went and sat by Warta river. This is the river that runs through Poznan. It’s a nice place to go to escape the centre of the city. We had a lovely view of the Cathedral and just enjoyed the quiet. We played cards. I won 5 of the 6 games…


I mainly enjoyed the hugs. It’s always nice when you are with your favourite person.

Just lovely.

And that’s that.





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