A geeky week

This week has been a geeky one. I had a numerical ecology course all week which was really useful but intense! We had two professors visit from Switzerland who taught the class the ins and outs of all the statistical tests related to ecology and the related computer code needed for the computer software we use. Yes, that’s right, I can write computer code! The course was from Monday until Saturday and most days seemed like ground hog day. I met some new people which was lovely and got to see a new part of campus too. The geography building. To get to geography required walking from biology, past maths and physics, and through a small forest. This was such a lovely part of my days. The forest is so loud with birds. Thursday, Friday and Saturday were particularly nice because the weather finally became brighter and so the birds were singing with joy. Or at least it seemed that way. Every morning I got to listen to chaffinches, wrens, blackbirds, song thrushes, great tits, willow warblers, yellow hammers and chiffchaffs. On two mornings I even heard a golden oriole! Although I didn’t manage to spot it. The main thing making me smile this week has to be the swifts. They are soaring high in the sky and screeching. I love that sound. A screech doesn’t sound like it would be nice to listen to but it really is. These birds have come all the way from Southern Africa and when I hear them it reminds me how amazing birds are and why I love doing what I do. I urge you to stop next time you hear a swift and just close your eyes and listen for a while. It’s so relaxing.



I finally got to see Cameroon Kasia this week. I haven’t seen her in so long and it was just so lovely to catch up. We always end up laughing about Cameroonian tales. We enjoyed an amazing honey beer in the sunshine and kiełbasa (Polish sausage) cooked on a proper fire. There was a party on campus so it was nice to just relax after a hard day of statistics.

After my course finished on Saturday my weekend finally began. I invited Simla and Donata over for Eurovision. Donate made traditional Lithuania cold beetroot soup. Simla made a traditional Turkish buffet of kisir (tomato and bulgar wheat), kofte (amazing meatballs), pilav (yummy rice) and Patates Püresi (a kind of mashed potato). It was all delicious. Unfortunately because I’ve been so busy this week I had no time to make my pudding. So instead I made proper British builders brews with rich teas for dunking! In between the starter and main course Simla prepared Turkish coffee for us. When you finish the coffee there is sediment left at the bottom of the cup. We placed a saucer on top of the cup and flipped it upside down and let the coffee drip down onto the saucer. When the mug is cool you can remove it and then read your fortune! Simla did this part for us. It was so interesting! I love things like that, it makes you look for the positives in things I think.


A geeky but enjoyable week.

I am feeling very inspired.



2 thoughts on “A geeky week

  1. Interesting stuff as ever Amie. I had a Swift experience this weekend. Was camping in Shropshire and was taking a well earned post walk doze on my bedroll in the early evening sun………dozens of Swifts overhead – feeding I guess – and you’re right it was a very soothing 10 minutes. Trust all is well. Stephen x


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