Visitor number 4

This is just a quick blog entry. I haven’t managed to write for a while as I went on a lovely little adventure. More on that in the next couple of blog entries.


I had another lovely visitor recently, in the shape of my friend Beth! My first friend visitor and it was so nice. Even if the weather wasn’t…

Beth arrived on the Saturday evening and we got back to my flat and just chatted and laughed. Sunday we wandered into the Old Town so we could have a coffee and Beth could see the Poznan goats. It was my fourth time seeing them. I’m dreading how many more times I will have to endure the bloody goats above the clock… If you could see it you would understand why. It’s not exactly the northern lights or the statue of liberty… There was a new highlight this time though. Real goats! I guess it’s the new attraction. The rest of the day we mooched around the city and I pointed out various historical facts along the way. We found a lovely little cafe called Lavenda which does amazing food. I’m starting to have a good list of delicious places to eat. I’m spoilt for choice! I must point out, since living in Poland I haven’t had one bad meal. The food is always amazing. I’m going to hunt out Polish restaurants when I’m in the UK to get my fix.



The next day we walked around Cytadela park and Beth insisted on seeing the goats again. I sat away from the spectacle in protest. She loved it. We had pierogi for lunch from an amazing little place specialises in these delicious dumplings. We could watch the ladies making them at the front of the shop and there were so many flavours to choose from. My favourite was pumpkin and cinnamon! We managed to try the much talked about Kolorowa ice cream too. On a sunny day the queues are ridiculous and I’ve always wondered what all the fuss was about. Now I know. It was so tasty! I had a banana and biscuit scoop and a blueberry and mascarpone. Even the cone was tasty! I left Beth to go to my Polish lesson and then Donata joined us after for tea. We had an Italian at Ristoro Viva Pomodori. I’ve wanted to try this place ever since passing it on the tram back in October. It didn’t disappoint.


Tuesday was a very early start for me. I was assisting Paweł in his bioacoustics field class today. It was a great morning. Although my extremely limited Polish meant I wasn’t exactly helpful. But I did smile a lot. Smiling always helps right? When the students were off recording Paweł and I went for a good old birding session. It was amazing. I saw white stork, grasshopper warbler and my very first wryneck! They were beautiful. Stonechats and whinchats were flitting about and lots of corn buntings too. The chorus of birds was really exciting. At lunch time I managed to get back to Beth and we went back to Lavenda. We walked around some more and then enjoyed tea before Beth had to head back.


We had such a lovely few days. It’s so nice to have a mix up of the normal routine. And when laughing is involved it’s always good. It’s the best medicine after all.

Next stop… Lithuania.


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