Zielony Polska

Hello hello hello!

This week has been lovely. Mainly because all the trees and hedges are starting to transform into all their green glory. I think I possibly get too excited by this. I’ll be walking along and chatting with someone and all of a sudden I’ll have an outburst of joy because I’ve noticed a new shade of the happy colour! I love it!

Anyway… This week was filled with the usual stuff. Days in the office, polish lessons and rock climbing. Polish lessons are getting so so tough now. Why are there so many cases? Why do declinations exist? Why are things masculine or feminine or neutral? Just why? I’m so determined to get to a good level so hopefully soon my brain will just switch and I’ll understand things more easily. I enjoy it though, it’s a challenge! Rock climbing was also amazing this week. We tried lots of different routes and I got to try my new climbing shoes out.

This week was far from just the normal routine though. After Polish class on Wednesday me and Donata went to go for our usual brew, but we were joined by our new Turkish friend Simla! And….our new Indian friend Anusha invited us to go to the restaurant where she works to have some proper indian tea. Now I have a group of friends! How exciting! The tea was amazing. It is made with tea powder, cardamon, ginger, cinnamon and lots of milk. It was delicious. We also got some free garlic naan bread which was very tasty. I have friends from all around the world. It’s amazing!

We’ve had a visitor from Prague this week. Michał joined us all for department drinks on Friday. I think it is really nice to meet people outside of work and in a different setting, it’s always good to laugh! And to drink ale…




My favourite part of this week was yesterday. I was invited to a cooking competition Donata and her colleagues had established one drunken night. I didn’t compete, I was a judge! We arrived at Rafał and Kasia’s flat and were greeted by amazing smells. The starter was Zurek, a traditional Polish soup made with sour dough, white sausage and boiled egg. Sounds odd but it was so tasty! Main course was mashed potato, carrots and a pork kotlet. Again, amazing… It was accompanied by a sort of cucumber salad made with thinly sliced cucumbers mixed with sour cream. The pudding was Donata’s course. An amazing strawberry cheesecake. This was all washed down with a lovely pear compote drink and some home made wine. It was a blummin’ lovely afternoon. In the evening there was an event on at Cytadela park. Misterium Męki Pańskiej is the re-enaction of the crucifixion and is apparently the biggest play of it’s kind in the whole of Europe. For this reason we thought we should probably check it out. We arrived as it was going dark and stood through a few very long speeches (in Polish) before the show began. Unfortunately we did not stay for very long. We couldn’t understand anything and it was just a bit random for me. Maybe if I was religious I would have appreciated it more. But at least we tried.


Inspired by the amazing culinary skills yesterday, this morning I woke up bright and early and made some banana and courgette bread. Very excited for breakfasts this week now! The rest of my weekend will be spent listening to motown, drinking green tea, trying to practice Polish and possibly watching a film with Donata and Mathieu. Not bad eh?



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