Busy, busy,busy.

I haven’t posted in a while but I have been too busy and when I had some free time I was without internet. But I’m back! This past two weeks I have been non-stop. Every week now I have a routine, Monday and Wednesday evenings are taken up with Polish  lessons and Tuesday afternoon is rock climbing. The rest of the week is still busy with me doing odd jobs and seeing friends etc.


I have now moved to the centre of the city, to a lovely district called Jezyce. It’s got quite a hipster feel to it, reminding me of the lovely Northern Quarter back in Manchester. There are lots of cafe’s, small restaurants, bakeries and even a small cinema. It takes me 15 minutes to walk directly into the centre. Perfect!! I am living with the French guy from our team, it’s nice because we are both internationals here and both need to explore Poznan more. I’m also hoping I get to try some nice French food! That will be a bonus! Who knows, maybe by the time I leave Poland I will be fluent in Polish and French! Or maybe not… We hosted a house warming party for our friends which was really nice. Our flat now has an official drinks cabinet consisting of a herbal Czech spirit, polish vodka, wine and whiskey. Not bad eh?!


I have been back to Kasia’s house in the countryside. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed a nice walk. There were so many cranes, and they were so vocal. They are amazing to see. The skylarks were also in abundance, filling the sky with songs and dances. At one point we all just decided to lie on the ground and watch. It was lovely. Even though I have moved out of my Polish family home, I know we’ll still be close. Which is a really nice thought.


I have received two tulips in the past 2 weeks. One from my friend Kamila as a spring gift. The second from Pawel for International Women’s Day. How lovely!!! Here in Poland, this day is made a lot more obvious than any international women’s day I have seen in England. There are small stalls selling tulips with queues of men waiting in line. Every women you see has a flower in her hand and a smile on her face. It really is a day of celebration and respect to women. Which is nice for me as my department is extremely male dominated. Sometimes it’s nice to get some recognition.


Short and sweet this week. But there will be more stories to tell soon.






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