Mum, birding and a turbine

What a great time I’ve had since my last post. Poznan feels more and more like home every minute!

I got the best Valentines present this year… my Mum came to visit! I was very proud of myself, I got to the airport without any help from google maps which felt nice. It makes me feel a bit more local. We didn’t stop talking from the minute I hugged her hello to the second we gave in to our sleepy eyes. She got me some exciting new wool for my birthday present, so watch this space for a jazzy new cardigan! I even managed my first proper Polish conversation. I told the taxi driver that I didn’t speak Polish and asked how much it would cost to get to the flat. Small, but its a start.


We didn’t stop exploring the whole time she was here. We got a bit peckish the first morning, so we stopped at a lovely bakery on the highstreet and picked Rogale swietomarcinskie for her to try. The amazing almond-y croissant I’ve mentioned before! We mooched about and ended up on the Old Square and found an amazing cafe (Pod Pregierzem) to sit outside to enjoy a coffee or two. It was so sunny and it felt like a mini holiday. At 12 I showed Mum the famous Poznan goats do their special routine and then we headed for lunch. I took her to Weranda Cafe so she could try the hot chocolate. We walked around all afternoon, exploring more parts of Poznan. We went to Citadela Park and found some quite strange statues. Some of them a bit scary! It’s a  huge park and has a lot of history. We read that it was the scene of one of the most vicious battles of the Second World War. We headed back to Old Town and after a hot wine went to eat tea. We went to a cute little place called Modra, they do traditional Polish food with a twist. Oh my it was amazing! We had a beetroot pie style dish, it was so tasty! To jest smaczna (This is probably the wrong tense, wrong grammar and wrong spelling)! Day two was very similar to the first. With the addition of some peacocks we saw in a cafe. We returned to Citadela and stumbled upon the old Garrison Cemetery. There were hundreds of graves of Englishmen and Women who fought in both World Wars. Seeing “Cheshire Regiment” all the way over here made me feel so strange. There were a lot of graves that didn’t have names, it was quite emotional. So many people from so many nations were involved and this little part of Poznan is dedicated to a select few. It definitely brings you down to earth.


Anyway…Mum headed back and yes, I cried again. But it was so lovely having her here!



Another exciting excerpt of my life since my last post is a birding trip I took with Paweł and Pavel to the Noteć Valley. It’s about an hours drive from Poznan and it is beautiful. A very flat and very big landscape, covered in marshes and streams. We saw lots of exciting birds. White tailed eagle, hen harrier, rough-legged buzzard, cranes, geese, stock dove and great grey shrike. We heard bearded tits but couldn’t spot them this time! We walked about 10km across two different sights so we got to see a lot of the area. There are sand dunes there that were formed from the sand from the river beds and so one minute you walk past a mole hill all white and sandy and the next your back to the normal looking mounds. It’s quite nice to see. There were plenty of roe deer, some red foxes and we also saw trees that had been recently gnawed down by beavers! You can even see the trails they formed by dragging the logs behind them. Aah Poland is amazing! On the way home we stopped by a wind farm that was really close to the road and had a sneaky look closer. I stood right underneath one. They are massive. 100m high with the blades at about 45m in length. I was a bit nervous. They’re quite loud too. All these things I’ll remember forever. Even if they are quite weird.


And of course…after all that walking we obviously enjoyed a nice beer. Wouldn’t be a blog post without the mention of alcohol!

The weather is getting warmer, spring is coming and I can’t wait to get to know Poland even more. I think we’ll end up being good friends!



p.s. this makes me feel even titchier than I already am!


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