A Polish Birthday

Well what a fantastic few days I have had. My little sister came to visit me!

Let’s start from the beginning…

On Thursday it was a normal day, work as usual, but in the evening I made my way to the airport to go and pick Mol up. This is a tale in itself. I had to get a different tram line to the one I am used to and get to Poznan Głowny train station, from here I would then get a bus to the airport. Somehow I managed to get completely confused at the train station and had to ask (in Polish) various people where the bus stop was. This involved me having to play charades with poor members of the public, with me trying to act out autobus and airport. Eventually I found the bus and got to the airport just in time for Molly to emerge from the arrivals door! We chatted for hours, she gave me some treats from home including a packet of baby bells and beef oxo cubes from Grandad! Nothing like home comforts!


Friday was an early start. We had to get a train to Gdansk at half 6 and so had to get a tram to the main train station. We were like zombies. I’d bought us some drożdżówka to try on the journey. These are typical pastries found in Poland, they are a bit like a danish but not as sweet and they have different types of fillings. We had one with raisins and one with a type of almond-y crumble. They were amazing! The journey lasted about 3 and a half hours but the views were beautiful. We arrived in Gdansk and made our way to the hostel room. It was right next to the Old Town which was perfect. We crossed a bridge covered in padlocks of love and shortly after a pigeon poo-ed on my head. Not sure if that is an omen…. Anyway…. We went and found somewhere for lunch, a little eastern european cafe. We ate Latvian dumplings which were lovely, not quite to Molly’s taste though. One thing we noticed was that Gdansk is full of shops selling amber jewellery. I’m not sure why, but it was everywhere! After lunch we then made our way to Westerplatte. For anyone that doesn’t know, this is the site where the first shots of the Second World War were fired. There were various ruins of bunkers and outposts dotted around and information about various dates and their significance in the war. Brave, brave men were there once. Treading their footsteps certainly makes you think. We left Westerplatte and then got ready to go out for some tea. We stopped at a pub on the riverside and decided to drink three hot wines each! As you can imagine we were quite drunk. We then stumbled to the restaurant we’d reserved. Unfortunately we didn’t realise how posh it was, and waltzed in, drunk, wearing jeans and wooly jumpers. Yes we got some odd looks. The food was absolutely amazing. We stumbled back to the hostel and drunkenly rang Dad to explain our Gdansk day.


Woke up hungover on Saturday and went to get some breakfast before the journey back. The train journey was longer this time but we eventually arrived back in Poznan. We walked from the main station into the centre and went to get pancakes! We went to an amazing place called Pan- kejk. We both had a pancake called “the hollywood” which was filled with m&m’s, mascarpone, peanuts, raspberries and chocolate sauce. It was immense! Got back to the flat and relaxed before our night out. It was a strange night. We went into a bar near the Old Square and pretty much immediately got approached by a drunk man who preceded to tell us how he hates England and the English for about an hour. This annoyed me because everyone I have met in Poland so far have been so nice and Molly got exposed to that negativity! Needless to say this put us in a bad mood so we decided to head home. I think this was fate though because the taxi journey was amazing. Our driver decided to search for “Shut up” by the Black Eyed Peas and put the video on for us. We were dancing and singing and laughing at how random it all was. We had a cosy night watching New Girl and laughing.


Sunday, and I turned 24. Me and Mol had a good brew and I opened my cards and presents. Skyped home which was lovely. We headed into the Old Square for 12. At 12 the clock in the square opens up and two mechanical goats emerge and butt heads. There were so many people there to watch this spectacle! It was so funny. But a Poznan must-do that I can tick off my list. We had lunch at an amazing cafe called Weranda. It looks like a fairytale inside, tea lights everywhere and the ceiling was covered in paper lanterns. We had amazing food and the most amazing hot chocolate. Proper hot chocolate. I can’t describe how nice it was. We relaxed at the flat for the afternoon and watched my favourite film. In the evening me, Molly and Kasia went to get some birthday cake. Mine was plum flavour. Then we met Paweł and Paulina for a beer. It was so nice to celebrate with my new Poland friends.


Monday was nice and relaxed. We went to a small soup cafe and had beetroot soup. Sounds weird but it was sublime. Who doesn’t want bright pink soup?


Tuesday and Molly’s day to head home. We relaxed and chatted and laughed. And yes, when she left I cried. Having my first visitor made me realise just how much I miss home. But I am extremely proud that I’ve taken this scary plunge to follow my dream. And I just have to remember there will be many more visitors to come!

What a fantastic few days.



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