Jumpers,wild walks, language lessons and more beer….


Lots of exciting things happened this week. One of the nicest for me was finishing my first ever hand knitted jumper! I am so happy with it. My Nana taught me how to knit and I am very excited to show her when I eventually visit England!


On Tuesday evening I ventured out on my own to go to a free Polish lesson being held at Tandem pub in the centre of the city. This location is used for all sorts of international events so I though it would be a good idea to stop by. The pub itself is lovely, really quirky and has loads of character. It was just a small group of us who turned up. Me, a Czech, an Italian and a Spaniard. You can’t get much more international really! We went through the alphabet practising all the different sounds and then practiced basic introductions.

  • Mam na imie Amie. (My name is Amie)
  • Mam 23 lata. (I am 23 years old)
  • Jestem z Anglii. (I am from England)

Wednesday saw me facing another beer fuelled evening. This time it was department drinks that I’d organised. It was so nice to see everyone outside of work. We went to Piwna Stopa, the same pub as last week, and I chose new beers to try! I had a really dark one that tasted of coffee which was amazing, probably my favourite so far. We can’t remember what time we left…

Thursday was a tough day. Headache doesn’t even cover it.

amieFriday afternoon was one of my nicest afternoons in Poznan so far. Paweł and I walked to the city centre along the Warta river from campus. It was a lovely sunny winters day and we had a 3 hour walk to enjoy it. I saw black woodpecker and goldeneye ducks which are two new species for me, as well as a peregrine falcon, great grey shrike and tufted ducks to name a few. One of the nicest things for me was seeing a wild boar family! How amazing that these amazing creatures are rustling about on the outskirts of a major city. Poland is just brilliant. The walk itself would have been lovely even without all of these creatures. It was icey but beautiful. I think I am finally starting to get the hang of walking on ice.

Now for a photo overload… (all taken by Paweł)



On Saturday afternoon I met up with Kasia (Cameroon) in Old Town. We had a mooch around the shops and then headed to a pancake restaurant called Manekin. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing the pancakes are there! There are mostly savoury options to choose from but we went for the sweetest of the sweet… Raspberries, biscuit, chocolate sauce and mascarpone. Heaven.


Sunday, I just relaxed!

What a fab week!



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