A week of beers and ice.

This will be short and sweet, but I have to talk about a couple of nice parts of my week.

Firstly, my friend Michał was in work. I haven’t seen him since Cameroon so it was really really nice to catch up. It’s still weird seeing people in Poland, I was so used to seeing them in the hot, dirty, simplistic Cameroon camp.

Now I need to talk about ice. On Wednesday I was walking to work early and everything was covered in frost. I’ve never seen such a beautiful winters morning. And it didn’t melt. The glittering, snow globe world lasted at least 3 days. It stayed around minus 8 for a couple of days so everything was lovely and crisp. On one of my commutes I saw the air sparkling directly in front of me. Tiny, tiny flecks of ice were in the air. It was just beautiful. Now the snow has melted and there is just sheet ice everywhere. Polish people aren’t phased by this and just walk right over it. I skid about and lose my balance. Need to train myself to be at one with the ice. Or maybe just wear knee pads everywhere I go.


This week I got to go and experience some night life Poznan has to offer. On Thursday I went to Muchos Patatos which is a Spanish style bar. We joined in on a free salsa lesson which was really fun, although I definitely need more practice. Considering all the instructions were in Polish, I think I did quite well. The next day I was back on the town. We went to a pub called Piwna Stopa, which translates to Beer Foot. Inside looks like a traditional english pub, the walls covered with beer labels. However, there is also a wall dedicated to feet. Photos and pictures of feet. I’m not entirely sure why. I got to the bar and was faced with a choice of 16 craft beers. I asked the bar man for his advice on what to get and ended up with a delightful Czech beer. The first of the 2 and a half beers that got me quite drunk! The old town of Poznan is so lovely. It’s surrounded by quirky places that I definitely need to explore more.

So that was a short overview of my week. It was lovely.

More Poznan updates to come.


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