Cameroon- Part 5 of 5

Beach fun- Football match- Incredible seafood- Craft market


12/12/2016- So strange to wake up near the sea. I could hear the waves and smell the salty air. Lovely! Me and Kasia went to meet the boys near the pool and we all did some bird watching. I saw three different species of Kingfisher in the space of half an hour! The giant kingfishers were incredible, they are massive. Had a breakfast of omelettes and bread with jam. It was so exciting! We then headed to the beach. We got a taxi and then walked down a small track and ended up at a lovely beach side complex. It was extremely basic, we ended up drinking most of their beer! The sand on the beach is volcanic and black, so it burnt your feet, but it was quite nice to feel it between my toes. It was so relaxing. We went in the sea and enjoyed jumping in the waves. They were quite big! Tomasz discovered that if you wait for a big wave and then, whilst facing it, jump backwards, it will force you into a backwards summersault. We all spent a while trying to perfect the technique, but mostly just had a lot of salt water up our noses! Me, Kasia, Paweł and Michał had a quick game of football which was really fun. Then the boys stepped it up. They played with some local lads. Our guys won, despite the fact that I’m not the best cheerleader in the world. I just ended up talking to a boy about different parts of Cameroon. After the beach we all got changed and headed to the port. We chose some seafood and had it cooked for us. The langoustines were absolute perfection. They were huge and tasted so fresh. The crab was tasty, but took too much effort to bother with. There were lots of royal terns, black kites and cattle egret flying above. It was beautiful. When dusk hit, we looked up and saw thousands and thousands of bats flying above us. A local man told us they were moving between roosting and feeding grounds. They were flying over for a good half an hour. It was absolutely amazing.


13/12/2016- Today we went to the port in the morning to get more incredible seafood. We chose more langoustines. I waited with Paweł and watched the women prepare them for us. She took out all the innards and washed them. Then we took them to a lady who cooked them for us. They were so tasty. We stayed at the port for a while and then went back to the hotel to relax by the pool. Me, Kasia, Paweł and Michał had a game of basketball which was fun. Then me, Paweł and Michał played piggy in the middle in the pool. I was usually the pig….In the evening we headed back to the port and enjoyed an evening there. We had even more seafood and even more beers. It was such a lovely day.


14/12/2016- Up and ready by 11 to get the taxis to Douala. It was so hot and humid and the traffic was so bad. We got stopped at a security check and they took ages to check our passports. They all wear full army uniform, I don’t know how they cope in the heat! We eventually got to Douala and had some lunch. Me, Kasia and Michał then headed into the craft market. It was amazing, so many stalls filled with amazing treats. I got some gifts for everyone back home. I had to barter with the men but they really enjoyed it. They were laughing at me but I think I got quite good deals. After we all got our purchases we headed to the airport and waited for a while until we had to check in. Can’t believe this amazing adventure is over.

A note- Cameroon is one of the most exciting countries I have had the opportunity to visit. It is nice to dive head first into a simple life of living in the mountains. I didn’t have internet, didn’t even have the basics like clean water. But I loved it. Some many things in daily life are so unnecessary, it’s nice to disconnect from them sometimes and just live submerged in nature. Waking up to an alarm of francolin calls will always be magical. Although the trip was very tiring, in a way it woke me up. I know what is really important.

Thanks for being beautiful Cameroon.

Until next year.


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