Bye for now.

On my way to work yesterday Kasia pointed out some disturbed soil in the grass near Uni, turns out it’s due to pesky wild boar!!! That just shows how lovely my new work place is. There are so many trees that it can support these amazing beasties. I can’t believe I won’t be back there until 2017 now. And all the leaves will have succumbed to winter and disappeared.


I’ve only been in Poznan for just under 3 weeks and I’m already having to say goodbye. Tomorrow I start my journey to Cameroon!

I have finally packed everything I need. My bag is as big as me (which i know isn’t hard) and it weighs a tonne! I have of course packed the essentials…..

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag & roll mat
  • Mozzi net
  • Whiskey
  • Anti-Malaria tablets
  • Chocolate
  • Ipod & speaker
  • Etc…

To protect my bag from Cameroon dust I have had to buy the biggest sports direct bag known to man (I’m using this as an external bag). It is bright blue with a huge red “sports direct . com” sign on the side. I am a walking advert.

I am getting the train to Warsaw tomorrow afternoon. Monday is the busy day. I take a flight to Brussels early morning then transfer to get my flight to Yaounde. From there we will make our way to Bamenda, then Big Babanki and then our little mountain camp.

Here there is no shower, no toilet, no electricity and no internet. We will be using a very cold stream to get water (which we will then treat to make it safe to drink) and to bathe.  Electricity will be provided through a few portable solar panels. The internet is another story. Although a break from social media for 5 weeks is looking quite exciting to me!


One thing I am especially looking forward to is Cameroon bird ringing! I cannot wait for this. They will be entirely new species for me, and the thought of holding a sunbird makes me wants to dance with joy. Expect a photo overload when I am back!

I feel very lucky that I am returning to Africa for my third year in a row. I have fallen in love with this continent and its wildlife and I cannot wait to add new bird species to my ever-growing list. It’s a nice feeling to know I am following my dream.

Wish me luck!


p.s. Hip hop is still very much alive here in Poznan. Just incase you needed to know….


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